About me

Hello! Welcome to Bay 3 Studio, named after the third bay in our old garage I use to store parts of my life. You know, the place good stuff lands when it doesn’t have a home yet. Like that 'bay 3', it’s a little bit of everything.

My name is Jennifer Arnold Novelline and I am a mom, graphic designer, gardener, recycler, DIYer and lifelong maker. I live with the love of my life, two amazing kids, and a dog named Scout. No fluff, no glitter. Just real life.

For as long as I can remember I've had an insatiable desire to 'make things'.

When I was in high school, my mother made me take a graphic design class at a the Worcester Art Museum. Of course I didn't want to. But she knew better. And it was love at first sight…and for the next twenty-something years. I am forever grateful for her insight. 

So while my first love is graphic design, I love to step away from the screen and explore new materials and techniques. I love to make an ordinary object more beautiful and unique. And I believe one idea will surely lead to the next, if you only let it.

For more of my personal work, visit me on Instagram or email me here.

Thanks for visiting! 
- Jennifer